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What does it take to really tackle illicit trade?

Illicit trade is a major and growing problem worldwide. What does it take to really tackle it?

Next An international response

An international response

Securing today’s complex, global supply chains requires an international response underpinned by proven, cost-effective technology solutions that work across national borders.

Next Supporting law enforcement

Supporting law enforcement

Effectively tackling illicit trade means providing customs, border and tax authorities with the means to inspect and interrogate products anytime, anywhere.

Next Supply chain security solutions

Supply chain security solutions

A combination of product tracking and tracing, authentication and digital volume verification technologies can help secure supply chains.


Welcome to the Digital Coding & Tracking Association

We advocate for the use of open technical standards and digital solutions designed to secure supply chains for excisable fast moving consumer goods, such as tobacco.

We aim to provide all stakeholders – from finance ministries and customs to the trade and consumers – with the tools, information and capacity needed to really tackle illicit trade.

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Only a combination of measures, including greater international cooperation, enforcement of existing laws and supply chain security technologies based on internationally recognised technical standards, can really tackle illicit trade.